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The Splendour of South
Duration : 8 Days 7 Nights (Monday to Monday)
Destinations :
Bangalore - Mamallapuram & Chennai - Pondicherry - Tiruchirapalli & Thanjavur - Madurai - Thiruvananthapuram & Poovar - Backwaters & Kochi - Bangalore

By the splendour of south, tourists perambulate many historical cities in southern India tour. Some of them are historical temple cities for instance Mamallapuram, Kanchipuram, Tiruchirapalli, Thanjavur and Madurai. Moreover, tourist enjoy of backwater in Kerala.
Day 01 / Monday / Bangalore - Mamallapuram
Arrival at Bangalore Airport, meet the assistant who will take you to check in hotel. Take lunch at hotel and rest of the day is at leisure to explore the sightseeing of city. Late evening you will be dropped at the railway station to board the splendour of south (Golden chariot) to Mamallapuram; the train departures to Mamallapuram & Chennai at 2200hrs after having dinner at hotel.
Day 02 / Tuesday / Mamallapuram & Chennai
Early morning and just about 0600hrs, the train arrives. On arrival, transfer to check in hotel & afterward explore to Mamallapuram, an ancient coastal port, south of Chennai, world famous for its Shore temple, Mamallapuram was the second capital and sea port of the Pallava Kings of Kanchipuram, the first Tamil dynasty after the fall of the Gupta Empire. The throughout Mamallapuram is a great uncovered museum of sculptures in living rock, colossal shrines scooped out caverns magnificently sculpted within and the world's biggest Bas relief in rock, are beyond doubt amazing examples of the sculptor's art. The well-known temples of the Rathas, the Penance of Bhagirath, the Shore Temple and the eight Mandapams (Shallow, rock cut halls) are also nestled at the beach. Having lunch at hotel in Mamallapuram, afterward transfer to explore Chennai's famous sightseeing.
Chennai is the fourth biggest city of India, the ca pital of Tamil Nadu and a conglomerate of over grown villages, and being a major port. Chennai is now also known as the gateway to the South. In the city you can excursion the 'St. Mary's Church', built in 1678 - 80, was the first English Church in Chennai, the Saint Thomas Cathedral, built in 1504, then re-built in neo - gothic style in 1893, this Roman Catholic Church is said to house the remains of St. Thomas the Apostle, and also explore the Kapaleeshwarar Temple, an ancient Shiva Temple, built in pure Dravidian style. Moreover, you can visit Sri Parathasarathy Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, built in 8th century during the reign of the Pallavas. Other attractions such as National Art Gallery and Museum, beautiful temple friezes, the bronze gallery, archeological section can be explored. Drive past the High Court Building, Fort St. George and the famous film studios. Late evening trip back to train after taking dinner at hotel in Chennai, and the train departures for Pondicherry.
Day 03 / Wednesday / Pondicherry
you arrive in Pondicherry, quite a contrast to the temple heritage, is located Pondicherry. Erastwhile a French colony established early in the 18th century, Pondicherry became part of the Indian Union in the early 50's when the French voluntarily relinquished control. French is still extensively spoken, and seashore villas and cobbled streets are more suggestive of the South of France than the South of India! Tour to Pondicherry and perambulate Auroville. Conceived as a mark of respect to Sri Aurobindo, Auroville is an utterly new concept in education and urban living. The Aurobindo Ashram is known to the world over as the "Centre of Integral Yoga". Sri Aurobindo, India's theorist around 1920 founded it. Have a dinner at hotel in Pondicherry. Day 04 / Thursday / Tiruchirapalli & Tanjore
Day 04 / Thursday / Tiruchirapalli & Tanjore
Next morning you arrive in Tiruchirapalli situated on the banks of the River Kauveri, near about 320 kms from Chennai, Trichy was a Chola Citadel during the Sangam period when the Pandyas and Pallavas held sway over this province for short periods. The most popular landmark is the Rock Fort Temple which is a spectacular monument balanced on a rock outcrop which rises abruptly from the plain to tower over the former city. The remants of a huge hall had been blasted into ruins near about 237 years ago. The next storey is the Mathrubhuteshwar shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Ultimately, at the top of the hill is the Ucchi Pillayar Koil - Lord Ganesh Temple, dedicated a commanding view of the city.
The next trip to Tanjore where many temples were constructed in the period of 10th and 14th centuries can be visited by you. Later these temples became a part of the Vijaynagar Kingdom, subsequently passed into the hands of the Marathas and went to the British. The most popular landmark is the Brihdeshwara Temple which is now adjoined into heritage site; dinner at hotel in Tanjore and then transfer to railway station to board the train for Madrai.
Day 05 / Friday / Madurai
Approx 0800hrs the train arrives in Madrai - a vibrant city packed with pilgrims, vendors, business people, bullock carts and legions of under employed rickshaw pullers. Madrai is one of the Southern India' oldest cities and it has now been a centre of learning and pilgrimage for centuries. After that seeing the sights of Madrai - the primary interest is the Meenakshi Temple, where Dravidian Temple architecture may be considered the best. Its hall of a thousand pillars is magnificent and is filled with worshippers 24hrs a day. Besides these, you can behold Thirumalai Nayak Palace. Having dinner at hotel in Madrai, you will be transferred to railway station to the train for Thiruvananthapuram.
Day 06 / Saturday / Thiruvananthapuram and Poovar
Early morning you arrive at the next destination and transfer for a perambulation of Padamanabhaswami Temple which was constructed in Dravidian style by the Maharaja of Travacore in 1733. To enter the temple, only the Hindus are permitted. This magnificent temple has a seven storey high tower with an inquisitive pagoda - shaped peak. Afterward behold the Napier Museum, housed in a bizarrely nice-looking, decaying Indo-Saracenic building dating back to 1880. This nice-looking museum has a good collection of historical as well as contemporary bronze ornaments, temple carts, ivory carvings and life size figures of Kathakali dancers in full regalia. The Sri Chitra Art Gallery is also an extravagant, which houses paintings of the Rajput, Mughal and Tanjore schools and it is famous for its collection of art from Tibet, China and Japan as well as from North and South India. For the sake of having buffet lunch, drive to Poovar - a stunning island just off the coast of the Arabian Sea. Lunch will be offered to you in a good looking hotel. The rest of the day is for exploring the beaches. Evening Gala dinner with music and dance; late night you will be dropped at the railway station to board the train for Backwaters.
Day 07 / Sunday / Backwaters & Koch
Late morning you arrive in Allepey in order to enjoy the bewitching Vembanad Lake which is the largest backwater stretch in Kerala cruising along in a traditional boat. You will be transferred to Kumarakom, one of the major tourist spot of Kerala. The lush-green shores throbbing with vigour and pure beauty will never exhaust you. On arrival Kumarakom, you enter another world of wonders. This small backwater village, which is a cluster of islands, has a life of its own, with a slow, tranquil rhythm. The sights, sounds and bouquet will simply enthrall you. In the afternoon you will be transferred to hotel for buffet lunch in kumarakom and afterwards drive to Kochi.
Sightseeing of Kochi begins from "The Dutch Palace also known as Mattancherry Palace, constructed by Portugues in 1555, which is famous for its murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana and the Puranic legends. Alongside the palace is the Jewish Synagogue (closed on Fridays & Saturdays) built in 1568. Moreover, the traditional fishing hamlets and the fisher folk in their colourful costumes, and also perambulate to the seaside where one can still see the, nearly a century old Chinese fishing nets, which, are still in use. In the evening Kathakali dance and dinner
Day 08 / Monday / Bangalore
Arrival in Bangalore in the Morning and after taking breakfast you will be dropped at the airport to board the flight for next destinations.
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